Terms and conditions

February 23, 2016

Please, read carefully the following terms and conditions for using Beeweb website. By accessing this website, using its material, creating an account, you accept the Terms and conditions.

1. Copyright

All rights reserved. Names of individuals/companies on this website may be a subject for copyright.

2. Registration

In order to use beeweb.co you must be registered. A registered user that made an offer has all the rights and obligations of that offer and agrees that beeweb.co may use materials and information without a license or a fee. A company or an individual can have only one registered account. A company or an individual that is registered on www.beeweb.co agrees that after the registration Beeweb.co can use their e-mail address, entered while registering, with purpose to send media campaigns or Beeweb's materials via Newsletter.

3. Advertising ban

It is forbidden to advertise:

  • Pornography
  • Narcotics
  • Weapons
  • and other content that opposes to the activities of beeweb.co

It is also forbidden:

  • advertising that falsely indicates advertiser's identity, their activity or offer;
  • advertising that represents copying or imitating other person, their activity or offers;
  • advertising that humiliates, suspects or shows other person's identity, activities and offers in a indecent way;
  • advertisers comparison, their activity or offers with other advertiser, their activity and offers damaging the other, in order to get material goods;
  • advertising that, by alluding someone else, their business name, brand, activity and offer, uses someone else's reputation by which the advert receivers are falling in misapprehension.
4. Ad content

The ad can contain only information about the object of the sale or the service given. Ad title and description can only be about the sale item or the service. It is not allowed to put a private phone number in an add title. In the ads is not allowed to use images from other advertising websites or from other ads on our website. The ad must have content that matches the category to which it was uploaded.

5. Websites information usage

You may view, copy and print the pages under the condition that the pages are for personal use only, informative and non-commercial purposes. Unless it is specified differently, it is not allowed to send, demonstrate, reproduce, advertise, distribute information from this website, some parts or the whole website, without a special written permission given by the website beeweb.co

6. Visitors

Unless it is differently stressed by the beeweb.co website, all the materials and information that are uploaded to the website by the visitors, are considered to be owned by beeweb.co. You cannot be paid for uploading information on beeweb.co, even though it becomes owned by the website. Website beeweb.co may use the materials or information without any additional license or fee.

7. Links

Website can contain links to websites that are not owned or controlled by beeweb.co, therefore beeweb.co is not responsible for their content and usage.

8. Warranty and notifications

Information, materials and offers that are on this site might be old or wrong. Unless it is noted differently, all the information, materials and services are used in their current condition, without warranty. In any case beeweb.co is not responsible for direct or indirect accidental, special or consequential damage or damages in losing profit, information forwarded to you or someone else.

Website beeweb.co reserves the right to change, edit or delete any information uploaded by the visitors on the website at any time without any notification in case it considers that the information in question breaks the rules of beeweb.co